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To AirBnB or Not To AirBnB?

At a time when most of us plan our own vacations on line and are faced with an incredible amount of choices, how do we find the lodging that is right for our individual desires? Why chose a professional Bed & Breakfast over a room share or even a hotel? While there is no need for the lodger to concern themselves with the legalities of room rentals or consequences to licensed Bed & Breakfasts, there is a need for travelers to be aware of safety issues and the possibility of arriving at their destination only to find that they have no place to stay. This is happening quite often these days.

As a licensed and regulated residential Bed and Breakfast business in Nashville I am required to live on the premises, provide off street parking for all, and have the appropriate hotel/motel insurance and fire safety equipment to make certain my guests are in a secure environment. Most room shares are not held to this standard.

Make no mistake, most accommodations found on AirBnB or other room share websites are not Bed and Breakfasts! A Bed and Breakfast provides many services that just a room with a bed does not. It is my job as an Innkeeper to give my guests the best possible travel experience. After all they are guests in my home and hospitality is my business. When guests arrive at The Big Bungalow we sit and chat, look at maps to help give an overview of where they are in the city, discuss tours and sights and try to get a sense of what kind of experience they would like to have. Everyone is different. Some prefer a BBQ joint while some prefer an upscale meal.  Some are here for the fabulous music and some for a different kind of get-a-way. I learn their desires and will make dinner reservations, suggest wonderful music venues and tours, and point them in the right direction. I act as a representative of the city I love so much and have chosen to live and work in. Most B&B Owner/Innkeepers live on the premises and are happy to share the special insider activities regarding the best stuff to see and do!

In this age of technology and internet there is much to be said for true “old school” service industry hospitality. So when browsing for a place to stay on the many sites available to us I would encourage consumers to know the difference. I look forward to hosting you here in Nashville at The Big Bungalow B&B, serving you a yummy breakfast, and helping you create a vacation you will always remember, with memories filled with smiles, comfort, and your hard-earned dollars well spent.

Ellen Warshaw, Innkeeper at The Big Bungalow Bed & Breakfast