What in the World is a "Staycation"?

Ever ask yourself “Why do I always go somewhere else, when I haven’t really taken advantage of everything my hometown has to offer?”

Well, it sounds like a Staycation is just the thing for you! Add up the cost of fuel or travel tickets, factoring in travel time and hassle, and pretty soon you can have a wonderful vacation right here, saving money or getting much more bang for your buck. How about a massage without having to even leave the Big Bungalow? How about trusting me to tell you some fabulous places to eat you’ve never tried?, Places to visit, ways to relax? No rushing to the airport, no baggage fees, no renting a car, no getting lost. Forget the GPS, turn off the cell phone, leave the kids with neighbors or a relative – the best things America has to offer are right here in your own backyard.

Big Bungalow Staycation Specials

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Why go anywhere else? Go on Staycation at The Big Bungalow.

Ellen Warshaw, Owner